Saturday, July 30, 2005

Answers & Scores of Dry Round 2 of July 23, 2005


Well it was a very low scoring one, so I am not publishing detailed scores. But hats off to Mr. Aravind Ghosh Suri. As usual, he came on top with 8 out of 10. He was actually very close on the audio clue also, just that it's Sify iway and not Sify Broadband. It might have just helped if he knew my background :-) . I was working for Sify in the iway projects division. So, the audio clue!
And the answers are -

1. Pepsi launched it's Pepsi Cola with the famous ad "Are you ready for the magic?" in India. Which two celebrities featured in this ad?

Ans: Remo & Juhi Chawla

2. The hit 100 Days song "Bol baby bol" was used in the TV ad for which product? (Please be specific. Don't say Windows. Specify whether it's Windows98 or WindowsXP)

Ans: Bakeman's Glucogold

3. This product ran ads in the visual media featuring Javed Jaffery and Pankaj Kapur. The themes of the ads were spoofs on Ajit - The Loin and were titled like "One Day with Lily", "The Great Escape" etc. The tagline for the product was, "It's different". Which is the product in question?

Ans: Maggi Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilly Sauce (Remember, 'It's Different!' ?)

4. Remember Digen Verma? A particular brand had created a lot of hype and suspense over the question "Who is Digen Verma?". Which product I am talking about?

Ans: Mango Frooti

5. It's an audio clip mainly aired on FM. Listen to the clip by clicking on the below link. Identify the product or service.

Ans: Sify iway

The rest five questions are visual. Click on the links to view the pictures. The pictures are stills taken from visual ads. You have to identify the product or service associated with the ad.

6. Identify the specific product from this ad featuring Udham Singh.

Ans: Britannia Chekkers

7. Identify the product from the ad, which is a spoof of the more famous Liril ad.

Ans: Center Fresh Lemon

8. Identify the product from the ad.

Ans: Kwality Wall's Feast

9. Identify the product from the ad.

Ans: Maggi Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilly Sauce

10.Identify the product from the ad.

Ans: Touch Wood

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