Monday, July 18, 2005

Answers to SHOVON'S Sports Misc. - 1 of July 14, '05

Hi, this post saw the highest number of replies till date for any quiz published by me. Hopefully, people will have the same level of interest in future also.

Minhaj Alam and Aravind Ghosh Suri topped the quiz with 8 points. Special thanks to Arun Kumar for correcting my first question.

And the answers are -

1. To facilitate which German player's comeback, were the Davis Cup rules changed in 1948 to allow a player with one arm to use the racquet to toss the ball?

Ans: Hans Redl (Thanks to Arun Kumar for pointing out that Hans was indeed an Austrian. He had also played against India in 1954 Davis Cup tie which India had won 3-0)

2. Identify this famous Badminton player from India. He won the National Badminton Singles title 8 times in a row between 1980 and 1987. He was allegedly murdered due to a love tringle resulting from his wife's extra marital affair with a powerful UP politician and scion of a royal family.

Ans: Syed Modi

3. At the 1948 London Olympics, who became the first and only woman athlete to win 4 athletic gold at a single Olympic Games?

Ans: Fanny Blankers

4. Which hockey-like game, adapted from the American Indians, is so named from a fancied resemblance of its stick to a bishop's crozier?

Ans: Lacrosse

5. Who were the first father and son to represent India in the Davis Cup at different times?

Ans: Sumant and Gaurav Mishra

6. The Berlin Olympic of 1936 was organised to show to the world the might of Hitler's Germany. In this Olympic which ritual was introduced for the first time?

Ans: The ritual of Olympic Torch

7. Who is the only Indian woman athlete to have won the 800m and 1500m events in a single Asian Games?

Ans: Jyotirmoyee Sikdar in 1998

8. Which hard hitting Kiwi cricketer was nicknamed 'The Butcher'?

Ans: Lance Cairns

9. In 1986, which batsman scored 126 not out to register his third successive century at Lord's?

Ans: Dilip Vengsarkar

10.In 1934, which Kolkata based team became the first Indian team to win the IFA League (1st Division)?

Ans: Mohammedan Sporting (Its IFA League and not IFA Shield)

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