Saturday, August 20, 2005

Answers & Scores of Dry round of 16th Aug 2005


Not a very encouraging response to this one. However, Jairaj P got the most points, 8 out of possible 10. Congratulations Jairaj!

1. How can you link Burn, Full Throttle and Shock?
Ans: Health drinks by Coca Cola

2. Link the following - Distance, Bitter Morsel, Crossroads, Blind Alley and Tale of A Naughty Girl.
Ans: Films by Buddhadeb Dasgupta. These are the names of international releases of the following - Duratwa, Neem Annapurna, Grihajuddha, Andhi Gali & Mando Meyer Upakhyan resp.

3. This Chennai based company, in partnership with Bartholomeu Digital Cinema of portugal, is changing the way fims are distributed in Portugal. Identify the company.
Ans: Real Images Media Technologies

4. A sitter. "I'm in the mood for mischief". Which brand is associated with the tagline?
Ans: White Mischief

5. Dateline 15th August 1975. It's a very significant day for the Indian fim industry. Why?
Ans: Sholay was released on this day.

6. Another Sitter. Fill in the blank. "The best-run businesses run ____."
Ans: SAP

7. Which hindi film was released internationally as "God is My Witness"?
Ans: Khuda Gawah

8. Identify the company associated with the following tagline, "The Power of We".
Ans: Bosch

9. What is packed word over in the following formation - "7-6-7"?
Ans: Cigarettes in a pack of 20.

10. This famous actor read for the parts of both Sonny and Michael Corleone for Godfather Part I. Coppola decided that he wasn't right for the role of Sonny, and already had Pacino in mind for Michael. Then he was almost cast in the role of Carlo, the husband of Connie as well. Ultimately he actually featured in Part II. Who is the actor?
Ans: Robert DeNiro

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