Saturday, September 29, 2007

Answers to Shovon's Sports Miscellaneous of 21st Sept 2007

Hi Guys,

The scores are -

Gaurav Jindal - 2
Prateek - 2
Ayesha - 3
Tathagata - 4

Here are the answers.

1. Complete the following, "We are red, we are white. We are _____ dynamite."

2. "One accusation you can't throw at me is that I've always done my best." This hilarious quote is attributed to a leading English footballer. Name him.
Ans: Alan Shearer

3. Which F1 driver is unique for winning a championship in his own car?
Ans: Jack Brabham

4. Another hillarious quote, this time attributed to a French international, "Sometimes in football you have to score goals". Name the player.

5. Who is the latest Indian player to have joined the club of 200 goal scorers in top-tier (including club level) games?
Ans: Dipendu Biswas

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  1. 3 out of 5 correct, that's not at all bad.......