Saturday, May 10, 2008

Answers to Shovon's Visual Quiz of 24-04-2008

Hi All,

It's time for Answers and the role call for points.

S. Vismith - 4
Shashank Abhisheik - 7
Santanu Dey - 5
Anand Shankar - 7
Jacob Dijo - 2
Sandip & Jaya Mukherjee - 9 (Now, another question, who has answered between the two Mukherjees and how many?)
Varadharajan Ragunathan - 2
Rajiv D'Silva - 5
Kamal Rathi - 5
Amit Roy - 2
Ninad W - 1
Nirad - 4
Arun Arumugham - 5
Ashish Jain - 1
Prateek - 2
Danish Umar - 2
Aditya - 3
Thanuj Kumar - 4

And the answers are given below.

1. The photo below captures a historic incident. Identify the incident.
Ans: Pearl Harbour Bombing by the Japanese

2. Identify the road shown in the picture below. This road played a very important role during the WWII.
Ans: Stillwell Road / Ledo Burma Road

3. The picture below shows an ancient Colosseum. A pair of English words are said to have originated from the practice as shown in the picture. Which words?

Ans: Thumbs Up / Thubs Down

4. Which company's logo was developed from this?
Ans: Starbucks

5. Identify the company from the logo which was used by it between 1975 to 1979.
Ans: NBC

6. Which company's logo is this?

Ans: CBS

7. Identify the historically important place as shown in the picture below.

Ans: Bamiyan Buddha

8. Identify the place shown in the picture below. It featured in the thriller Angels & Demons.

Ans: Saint Peter's Basilica

9. Identify the aircraft. It played an important part in Frederick Forsythe's novel Icon.
Ans: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

10. Identify the organisation from the logo shown below.
Ans: London Underground Rail System aka London Tube

Keep watching this space for more quizzes.



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