Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 1 May 2012

Identify the purpose
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Another visual question for the daily quiz.
A personal favourite. In the picture, which was taken in the North East India, you can see people gathering arrows from the ground apart from the bunch of arrows, which have evidently hit the target.
The archery is part of a particular event and is done on regular basis. What is the significance or purpose of this?
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Answer: No one even tried answering this! That's puzzling!
The picture depicts a gambling game called "Teer" (literally meaning arrow), which is a legalized form of gambling in the state of Meghalaya.
In case any of you, having interest in legalized gambling has ever visited Shillong, Meghalaya, you would have seen the Teer counters all over the city. The Teer is a traditional form of gambling that sustains the age-old sport of archery and has been an integral part of the people in the state. For those with luck on their side, it offers maximum returns for as low a bet as Re. 1. And, it provides sustainable livelihood for archers in villages across the hill state.
The system is simple. A row of archers shoot at a circular target made of hay, like the one shown in the picture, round by round. After each round, the Teers or arrows, plucked out of the bull's eye are counted. The total number of arrows, which remain on the counting frame in the end, is the lucky number for the day. The number can only be a two-digit one between 00 and 99. There are, of course, jackpots, forecasts and other lucrative rounds too.
As far as I know, there are two different archery associations, one at Shillong and the other at Jowai, who are licensed to run Teer gambling. There are two different rounds played in a day - at 12 noon and at 5 pm in the evening. The returns, for a one rupee wager can be Rs. 8, if you get the last number correct; Rs. 80, if you get both the numbers correct, Rs. 8,000, if you hit a jackpot, i.e. you get both the two digit numbers for the 1st round as well as the 2nd round correct.
Shovon Chakraborty, Shovon
Here's a video of the archers shooting at the targets, which I found on the YouTube.
Shovon Chakraborty, B.Sc. with Physics Honors and MBA


  1. Too tough :) Had no idea that such a thing even existed

    1. Ha ha, Anindya, as I said, you need to be an instinctive gambler! :)

    2. Ohh thanks for the details about the game... its very popular in assam also, but not legaly...

    3. Hi Nayanjyoti, this Teer business also runs out of Guwahati. When I was there, one such game used to be hosted near 3 No. Gate.
      All over Assam, you will get the option of buying any of the 3 games - Shillong, Jowai or Guwahati. For both Shillong & Jowai, the return used to be in multiples of 8, while for Guwahati, the return used to be in multiples of 7.2. Dunno about the present scenario though.