Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 10 May 2012

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Another visual question for today's daily quiz, which, for a change, is on business.
The picture shows two IMFL brands - Bagpiper and Officer's Choice Whiskeys. Recently, these two brands were in the news for some reason. I would like you to tell me the significance of the news story, because of which these were the talk of the town.
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Answer will be published tomorrow.
Cheers! (Although, not with any of these)
Answer: Anindya gets it right!
Probably "the worst whiskeys ever made", these two, in fact, are also the largest selling ones! For Vijay Mallya, the times are really bad, as Kishore Chhabria owned Officer's Choice overtook his Bagpiper brand as the largest selling whiskey in India.


  1. Simple one compared to your normal standards - Officer's Choice owned by Kishore Chabbria's company overtook Mallya owned Bagpiper as the largest selling India's spirit brand (none of the brands are good though :) can't wait for Friday evening).

  2. You are absolutely right Anindya.
    Actually, there's an interesting anecdote behind this. If you happen to travel by Indian Railways, many a times you can get some booze through the pantry car-walah or the coach attendant. In most of the trains, apart from the Rajdhanis, the only brands available are Bagpiper and/or OC. Although both taste like "yuck-thoo" (!) you are forced to gulp these down as there are no alternatives!