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Bloody Sunday - Quiz of the Day - 24 June 2012

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Another visual question from the world of warbirds for the daily quiz.
A demanding aerobatics manoeuvre, in which a plane flying at a moderate speed suddenly raises the nose momentarily to the vertical position and slightly beyond, before dropping it back to a normal flight, as shown in the collage on the right hand side. It uses a potent engine thrust to maintain approximately constant altitude through the entire move and has several combat uses, apart from being an impressive trick to demonstrate an aircraft's pitch control authority, high angle of attack (AOA) stability and engine-versus-inlet compatibility, as well as the pilot's skill. 
daily quiz question answer
What is this manoeuvre called and why?
fighter aircraft quiz answer
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pugachev's cobra question answer
Answer: Anindya is almost right.
The answer is Pugachev's Cobra. The manoeuvre is named after the Soviet test pilot Viktor Pugachev, who first performed the manoeuvre publicly in 1989 at the Paris Le Bourget Air Show. Sukhoi 27 was the first fighter to perform this.

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