Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 27 June 2012

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Let's pick a visual question for the daily quiz.
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As you can see, the photo on the right hand side shows the snap of a cheque for US$ 7.2 millions, and had been issued many a years ago. This particular cheque enjoys a status, that is much more than a footnote, when we talk about the world history.
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All I need to know is the significance of this particular instrument of payment
alaska buy out check photo
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Answer: As I said, this particular cheque has a special place in the world history. USD 7.2 million was the price paid by the United States of America to the Czar of Imperial Russia, towards the buyout of Alaska. And, this was the cheque issued by the Federal Government of USA to the Czar.


  1. Something to do with creation of Israel??

    1. Nope, something much older. I believe that the date of the cheque issue is visible.