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Quiz of the Day - 07 July 2012

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For the next weeks daily quiz, I am planning to have a series on Iconic Photographs, starting today.
daily quiz question answer
The photo on the right hand side was taken in a battlefield, in the first half of twentieth century. It was taken by Robert Capa and is considered to be one of the most impactful visual representation of the war in question.
visual photo question war spain
The question has two parts and no splitting of points. Please identify the war, in which, the person pictured, took part. And, who were the belligerents in the war?
franco spain civil war photo question answer
You can answer the question simply by posting a comment in the thread. Alternatively, you can also send in your answers to shovon76[at]gmail[dot]com. The comments will be moderated for a period of 24 hours or till 8th July. The answer will be published tomorrow.
spanish civil war question answer
Answer: The picture was captured during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). The war resulted in dissolution of the Second Spanish Republic and marked the beginning of General Franco's dictatorship.
spanish civil war the fallen soldier federico borrell garcia
This photo was taken on 5th September 1936, and supposedly shows Federico Borrell García, an anarchist, fighting on the Republican side, being hit by a bullet and slumping to the ground. The photograph is popularly known as "The Fallen Soldier"and it's full title is "Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death, Cerro Muriano, September 5, 1936", although, some doubts have been raised at the authenticity of the photograph. 
Congratulations Ali for cracking this question!

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