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Quiz of the Day - 09 July 2012

Man walks on empty cartridges.
Continuing with our series on iconic photographs for the daily quiz.
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Titled "War Underfoot", Los Angeles Times photographer Carolyn Cole took this startling photo during her assignment in the concerned country. The photo shows a man walking on a street of the capital city, where bullet casings completely cover it. It demonstrates the devastating effects of the Civil War. Carolyn won Pulitzer Prize in 2004 for her photographic capture of the Civil War.
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Identify the city. Also, which Civil War has been caught in this photo?
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liberia civil war monrovia street bullet casing
Answer: Now is the time for answer. First things first. Heartiest congratulations to Ali, Karan and Quizster, all of whom have cracked the question.
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Titled "War Underfoot", this photograph taken by Carolyn Cole for Los Angeles Times, captured a street completely covered with empty bullet casings, in Monrovia, the Liberian capital. Monrovia was the worst affected region in the Liberian Civil War, as it was the scene of heavy fighting between government soldiers and rebel forces. Businesses were also closed for weeks as the battle raged. The picture shows the devastation caused by the Civil War in Liberia, with special attention to innocent citizens caught in the conflict. Carolyn won Pulitzer Prize in 2004 for a set of pictures, which also contained the one shown here.


  1. monrovia capital of liberia.

  2. Karan9:15 PM

    siege of Monrovia

  3. This photo won Feature Photography Winner in the Pulitzer Prize 2004.Carolyn Cole of Los Angeles Times captures the Civil War of Liberia in this photo.

  4. Ali, Karan & Quizster - all of you are correct! Congrats!! :)