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Quiz of the Day - 11 July 2012

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Another iconic photo for today's daily quiz.
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Associated Press photographer Eddie Adams captured this shot of an officer executing a prisoner of war and it became one of the most iconic shots of the concerned war. Sadly, Adams would come to lament the damage the Pulitzer-winning photo did to the officer, firing the shot, and his family, claiming that the man had killed a “so-called bad guy” and been demonized by people who didn't understand the scope of the situation.
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Which is the war in question? Also, if possible, name the officer about to pull the trigger and the particular battle this was a part of.
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viet cong murderer lem shot by general nguyen ngoc loan
Answer: Ali is really on a roll. Hat's of to you man! Of course, that does not take away any credit from the others, i.e. Anindya Mozumdar and Pranat Kashyap, who have also answered this correctly.
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This photograph, titled "General Nguyen Ngoc Loan Executing a Viet Cong Prisoner in Saigon" was taken by Eddie Adams on 1 February 1968. It shows South Vietnamese National Police Chief and a former Brigadier General of the Army of South Vietnam, Nguyễn Ngọc Loan executing a Việt Cộng guerrilla in Saigon during the Tet Offensive. The executed man was probably Nguyễn Văn Lém, a member of the National Liberation Front, popularly known as Việt Cộng. 
lem killed police and relatives and caught disposing 32 dead bodies 
It has been attested that Lém commanded a Viet Cong death squad, which on that day had murdered South Vietnamese National Police officers, or in their stead, the police officers' families. Lém was captured near the site of a ditch holding as many as thirty-four bound and shot bodies of police and their relatives, some of whom were the families of Loan's deputy and six of whom were Nguyễn's godchildren.
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Lém was captured and brought to Loan, then Chief of National Police of the Republic of Vietnam. Using his sidearm, a Smith & Wesson Model 38 "Bodyguard", Nguyễn Ngọc Loan summarily executed Lém in front of AP photographer Eddie Adams and NBC television cameraman Vo Suu.


  1. Anindya Mozumdar9:17 PM

    Has to be Vietnam War. Not sure of officer or battle.

  2. Vietnam War - police chief General Nguyen Ngọc Loan executing a Vietcong prisoner, Nguyen Van Lem, on a Saigon street, on February 1, 1968, during the opening stages of the Tet Offensive.

  3. Vietnam war - police chief General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Vietcong prisoner, Nguyen Van Lem, on a Saigon street, on February 1, 1968, during the opening stages of the Tet Offensive.

  4. pranat kashyap6:12 PM

    The war is the Vietnam war and the officer is General Loan

  5. All of you are correct, but Ali walks with the cake because he provided the complete answer.