Monday, July 16, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 16 July 2012

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We pick up a controversial advertisement for the daily quiz of today.
daily quiz of the day answer
As you can see, the snap on the right hand side is a pretty gory one. This advertisement, titled "Payback is hell" was run by an organization and it created quite a furore among the general public, due to its graphic visualization of a severed leg, protruding out from inside the jaws of a shark.
daily visual quiz answer controversial advertisement
Simply identify the organization, which commissioned and ran the ad campaign.
shovon chakraborty daily visual quiz payback is hell
You can leave your answer as comment below this thread. You can also send your answer through e-mail to shovon76[at]gmail[dot]com. All comments will be moderated for 24 hours, and will be published along with the answer, on 17 July 2012, Tuesday.
peta controversial campaign quiz question answer
Answer: The answer is PeTA i.e. People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.
shovon daily visual quiz of the day controversial ad answer
Congratulations to Biswajyoti, Ali and Anindya for getting the answer right! :)


  1. Go vegan - PETA.

  2. Biswj1:44 AM

    i think it's PETA.

  3. Biswj1:46 AM

    i think it's PETA.

  4. Biswj1:47 AM

    i think it's PETA.