Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 19 July 2012

A dry question for today's daily quiz.
shovon chakraborty daily quiz question answer
This Indian city got its name from its riverbank that was covered with stones. During the British rule, ships were docked at the bank of the river, flowing by the side of the city, and the riverbank was covered with stones to help dock ships and vessels. A market developed at the bank and its surrounding areas became a major place of economic activity. Colloquially, natives started to call the place by a name, which when translated, meant "a bank covered with stones". The city also hosted the first ever game of modern Polo, which was played between two teams of Britishers. Identify the place.
shovon chakraborty daily dry history quiz question answer
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shovon silchar barak daily dry history quiz question answer
Answer: The place is Silchar, which is situated by the banks of the river Barak in Southern Assam. It is the second largest city in the state, although the difference with the numero uno city Guwahati is quite large.
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Congratulations to Debayan Dhar, Md. Zameer, Pranit Kashyap & Anonymous friend for cracking this! 


  1. pranat kashyap1:27 PM

    The name of the place is Silchar in Assam.During the British raj,ships and vessels were docked on the bank of river Barak,flowing through Silchar.The name was derived from the Bengali words,"Siler Chor" meaning,"A bank of stones".Not only the first modern polo game was held at Silchar,even the first polo club was established here.

  2. Anonymous5:56 PM


  3. Both are right. Its Silchar indeed! :) Incidentally, my hometown.