Saturday, July 21, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 21 July 2012

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Today's daily quiz question is a tribute to something, which I would disclose along with the answer.
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Now, look at the picture on the right hand side. You can see a test pilot from United States, standing with his bird. This gentleman went on to achieve something, in a different program, which has etched his name in the history books permanently. Even the aircraft, shown in the picture, has its name in the record books on two different parameters.
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The question has multiple parts. Identify the test pilot. Identify the aircraft. And, tell us about the records, being held by the aircraft in question.
daily quiz of the day experimental aircraft NASA
You can leave your answer as a comment to the post below. Alternatively, you may also mail your answers to shovon76[at]gmail[dot]com. The comments will be moderated till tomorrow and will be published along with the answers.
north american aviation x-15 rocket powered plane
Answer: And, its the time for the answer! The person is none other than Neil Armstrong, the first person to land on the moon. On 20 July 1969, Armstrong set his foot on the surface of the moon and made the historical statement, "one small step for a man, a big leap for the mankind".
neil armstrong moon landing x-15 fastest plane mig-25 foxbat
The aircraft in the picture is the North American X-15 rocket powered aircraft. This was an experimental very high speed aircraft, manufactured by North American Aviation and funded jointly by USAF and NASA.The X-15 set speed and altitude records in the early 1960s, reaching the edge of outer space and returning with valuable data used in aircraft and spacecraft design. As of 2012, the X-15 holds the official world record for the fastest speed ever reached by a manned aircraft. Its top speed was measured at Mach 6.72 or 7,274 km/h. The highest altitude, to which the plane could reach, was measured at 108 km or 354,330 ft. Compare that with the fastest aircraft ever used by the Indian Air Force, the MiG-25 "Foxbat", which was once seen doing Mach 3.2 over the Israeli airspace. Incidentally, MiG-25 was also the only aircraft in the IAF inventory, which could reach altitudes of 80,000+ ft in horizontal flight.


  1. I am vacillating between:
    1) Craig Breedlove with the Spirit of America and
    2) John Glenn, although I have no idea what the vehicle would be.

    1. Actually, the person is more famous. Its Neil Armstrong and the bird is North American X-15 rocket powered aircraft.