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Quiz of the Day - 23 July 2012

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At Wimbledon this year, we saw one of the greatest ever men's and women's players capturing the title. Today's daily quiz question is also on a Wimbledon champion, but from a different era altogether.
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On the right hand side, you can see a photograph captured during a Wimbledon final match for the gentlemen's competition. The player captured, is Herbert Lawford, a 1 time Wimbledon winner and 5 times runner up during the late nineteenth century. But, he has an even greater contribution to the game of tennis, than mere being a champion player, a contribution, which etched his name in any serious history book on Tennis.
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What has been his greatest contribution to tennis?
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Answer: The answer to the question is top-spin. Although, Herbert Lawford could not win many championships, largely due to the dominance of the Renshaw Brothers, he has been immortalized because of his introduction of top-spin in to the game. By the way, William Renshaw is believed to be the first "power tennis" player and had introduced the serve and volley style of play.
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Congratulations to Ali, Pranat Kashyap, Amitabha Roy and Rishi Bhattacharyya for getting the answer right! 


  1. pranat kashyap5:12 PM

    He is regarded as the inventor of top-spin in tennis.

  2. Herbert Lawford - Topspin i think.