Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 26 July 2012

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Let's go back some way up the time for the daily quiz question of the day.
lux advertisement daily quiz
The snap on the right hand side shows an endorsement and a print advertisement copy for Lux Toilet Soap. The endorser, an actress, a film star was quite charming in her day.
daily quiz photograph star answer
All you have to do, is identify the lady who had endorsed the product. 
daily quiz shovon chakraborty answer
You can leave your answer as a comment below this post. You may also send your answer to shovon76[at]gmail[dot]com. The comments will be moderated till tomorrow and will be published along with the answer.
leela chitnis endorse lux soap brand business quiz
Answer: Time for the answer, as usual. The actress is none other than the classic beauty Leela Chitnis. In an early example of brand endorsements, she is seen here endorsing the Lux Toilet Soap from Hindustan Lever Ltd.
leela shovon chakraborty daily business quiz brand hindustan lever answer 
Congratulations to Ali for cracking this! Great going man! :)

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