Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 29 July 2012

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Daily quiz, today, takes us to the inside of a hangar.
daily quiz with answer
What you see in the photograph on the right hand side, is a jet engine powered vehicle (the word vehicle is used in a medium neutral way) and a world record holder in a certain category.
daily visual quiz with answer
You have to simply identify the name of the photographed vehicle, along with the record it holds.
daily quiz shovon chakraborty vehicle quiz answer
You can leave your answer as a comment below this post. You may also send your answer to shovon76[at]gmail[dot]com. The comments will be moderated till tomorrow and will be published along with the answer.
daily quiz thrust ssc land speed record
Answer: The vehicle is called ThrustSSC (or Thrust SSC, Thrust supersonic car). It is a British jet-propelled car developed by Richard Noble, Glynne Bowsher, Ron Ayers and Jeremy Bliss. It  holds the World Land Speed Record, set on 15 October 1997, when it achieved a speed of 1,228 km/h (763 mph) and became the first car to officially break the sound barrier.
daily quiz with answer first supersonic car shovon chakraborty
Congratulations to Anindya Mozumdar and Ali for getting the answer right.


  1. Anindya Mozumdar10:38 PM

    Fastest vehicle on land?

  2. Yes, Anindya & Ali, both are correct.