Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 31 July 2012

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Question of a different kind for the daily quiz.
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Pictured on the right hand side, is a memorial, which, one can see at Matauri Bay, New Zealand. This was erected by the people and the government of New Zealand for an incidence involving French secret agents.
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Identify the monument and the incidence, which led to the erection of this memorial.
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Answer: Time for the answer. The memorial was set up for the international activists group Greenpeace's erstwhile lead vessel, Rainbow Warrior, at Matauri Bay, New Zealand. Rainbow Warrior was the lead ship in the protest against France's planned nuclear tests in one of it's territories in the Pacific region. To thwart any protest against the Government of France, a secret operation was planned and given the go ahead from Paris. When anchored at Matauri Bay, inside New Zealand's territorial water, it was sunk by the French Secret Services agents.
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Congratulations to Dela and Ali for giving the right answer! :)
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  1. Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

  2. Rainbow warrior memorial which was erected in rememberence of the trawler with same name which was sunked by french secret forces DGSE in july 1985.