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Quiz of the Day - 1 August 2012

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A sitter to start the daily quiz for August 2012.
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The iconic picture on the right hand side was taken during a live event, that was responsible for changing the course of the world history.
daily iconic photo world history
Simply identify the event that is captured here.
daily battle quiz shovon chakraborty
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Answer: This photo was captured near the coast of Normandy in France, on 6th June 1994, the D-Day, during last phases of the second World War. The photograph shows Allied soldiers getting down from the landing vessel in their march towards the beach at Normandy, during the Operation Neptune (popularly called Normandy Landings. Actually, the entire battle plan was divided in to multiple operations and responsibilities distributed to different task groups). After this successful operation, the tide of the WWII totally turned in favour of the Allied nations, as the Axis powers gradually started to lose their hold.
daily quiz operation neptune d-day 6 june 1944 allied axis
Congratulations to Ali, Sonkar and Rajib for the correct answer. :)
shovon chakraborty daily visual war quiz and answer 

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  1. D-Day - Operation Neptune in Normandy on 6th june 1944.