Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 19 August 2012

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Could somehow manage some time to put up couple of questions for the daily quiz.
daily quiz with answer
Here's an easy one. From the photo on the right, identify this famous personality and tell us what made him famous.
daily visual quiz shovon chakraborty
You can leave your answer by posting a comment below this thread. You can also mail your answer to shovon76[at]gmail[dot]com. The comments will be moderated till tomorrow and will be published along with the answer.
shovon chakraborty daily quiz answer playboy
Answer: The answer is Hugh Hefner. And, do I still need to tell why he is famous? Well, he created Playboy, the magazine, as well as the enterprise and all mankind has been thankful to him since then, for the playmates! Congrats Ali and Paras for getting this correct!
daily quiz with answer
daily quiz with answer


  1. Hugh Hefner - American Magazine Publisher, founder Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Publications.

  2. Hugh Hefner founder of playboy & it's publication.