Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 27 September 2012

Back for the daily quiz, which actually has turned in to erratic weekly quizzes. Thinking about changing the pattern, due to paucity of time.

Here's a question to keep the show going on. This gentleman, an acclaimed professional in his chosen field, holds a unique record, which is unlikely to be beaten by any Indian in future. He had passed away in 2005 at Kolkata. Identify him.

You can leave your answer as comments below the post. The comments and the answer will be published tomorrow.

Answer: He is Chintamoni Kar, a famous Indian sculptor. The unique record, held by him, dates back to 1948 London Olympics! He had entered the Summer Olympics as a competitor for Great Britain in the Art Competitions, under "Mixed Sculpturing, Statues" event, and had won the Silver Medal for his sculpture, titled "The Stag". 1948 was the last Olympics to feature the Art Competitions and the International Olympics Committee no longer recognizes the medals.
Kudos to Ali for answering this! A real great answer indeed! :)

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  1. Chintanmani Kar - Famous Indian Art Sculptor who participated in 1948 Summer Olympics in Art Compeitition segment on behalf of Great Britain.
    after so days you have posted the question and sorry for replying lately as i was waiting for your question eagerly.