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Quiz of the Day - 1 October 2012

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We look up an old archive for the day's question.
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The photo, on the right hand side, is one of the few real ones to have survived the attack of the time. There have been other, more fanciful, clearer and obviously forged photographs of the same aircraft, which have been doing the rounds in the Internet groups and hoax mails, and are described as the ideal vehicle to fight and destroy the Nazi UFO Fighters. The aircraft was designed around 1931 and it was lost during one of the test flights. It's designer was murdered as he fell out of favour with Joseph Stalin during the great purge.
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Internet hoax image of K-7 fighting
a Nazi Flying Saucer!
Just tell me the name of the actual aircraft and the person who designed it.
stalin konstantin kalinin exectuted purge
You can leave your answer as a comment below the thread. The answer will be published tomorrow.
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Answer: The answer is Kalinin K-7, designed by Konstantin Kalinin. It was supposed to be a heavy aircraft, capable of carrying 120 passengers in civilian configuration, while taking on the role of a heavy bomber in military configuration. However, the only prototype crashed killing all people on-board. In 1938, Kalinin was executed as an Enemy of the State. In recent years, Internet e-mail hoaxes have surfaced claiming the K-7 to be the largest aircraft built till date. In the photos, the K-7 is shown fighting even more bizarre samples of aircraft  like a Nazi Flying Saucer.
Ali, as usual, cracks this!
daily aircraft quiz answer 01 october 2012
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  1. Kalinin -7 or K-7 --- Designed by Kostantin Kalinin.