Monday, November 05, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 05 November 2012

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An easy question.

Identify the anti-material rifle shown in the picture.

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Answer: It is a Denel NTW-20 anti-materiel rifle or large-calibre sniper rifle, developed by Denel's Mechem division in the 1990s. The weapon was designed by Tony Neophytou and intended for deployment against a wide variety of targets, including parked aircraft, telecommunication masts, power lines, missile sites, radar installations, refineries, satellite dishes, gun emplacements, bunkers and personnel, using a range of specialized projectiles. As with other weapons of this type, it can also be used for counter sniping and ordnance disposal (shooting explosive ordnance from a safe distance).

Denel was contracted to supply various weapon systems for the Indian Armed Forces, including Anti-materiel rifles and Self-propelled howitzers. However, following allegations that it had paid kickbacks to secure a deal for anti-materiel rifles, Denel was black-listed by the government.

As a result Ordnance Factory Tiruchirapalli (OFT) in association with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) began developing Vidhwansak, an indigenous anti-material rifle capable of similar role. Despite heavy visual and technical similarities to the Denel NTW-20 the guns have different calibers except for the 14.5 x 114 mm, ranges and price points. The development of Vidhwansak was completed in November 2005.
Ali got the answer correct! :)


  1. Denel NTW - 20 South african Anti material Rifle.

    1. Right Ali. Btw, this can also be a Vidhwansak. Visually, there are hardly any differences between the two.