Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 20 November 2012

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The ugly looking single-shot pistol had its origins in the Joint Psychological Committee and was designed in 1942 by the Inland Guide Lamp Manufacturing Division of an automobile manufacturer.

The original engineering drawings label the barrel as "tube", the trigger as "yoke", the firing pin as "control rod", and the trigger guard as "spanner". Ultimately, a million of these weapons were produced. Extra rounds of ammunition could be stored in the pistol grip.

A crude and clumsy weapon, it was never intended for front line service. It was originally intended as an insurgency weapon to be mass dropped behind enemy lines to resistance fighters in occupied territory. A resistance fighter was to recover the weapon, sneak up on an Axis occupier, kill or incapacitate him, and retrieve his weapons.

Identify the pistol.

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  1. WWII USA Pistol - FP-45 Liberator.