Friday, November 23, 2012

Quiz of the Day - 23 November 2012

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The photo shows a supposedly Webley Pocket revolver chambered for .38 S&W. The Webley trademarks stamped on the handgun can be seen as fake. The seller apparently tried to add a "1" to the fake serial number "880" to make it look like a pre-1898, and thus legal to import to the U.S. as an antique handgun.

The gun was manufactured in a region, which could actually ask for a geographical indication mark for the unlicensed, home-made copies of firearms, that they produce, using whatever materials are available - more often than not, railway rails, scrap motor vehicles and other scrap metal. The quality of such fire-arms vary widely, ranging from as good as a factory-produced example to dangerously poor.

What am I talking about?

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